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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hapy Holiday weekend.

I love holiday weekend. Even more than that, I love the holiday weekend tv. So far, I got sucked into a "I love the millenium" marathon on VHI and now I'm watching The Sound of Music.

In anticipation of going to Stitches Midwest, I've been trying to actual finish some kniting projects. Last week, I finished a scarf with yarn I bought 3 years ago and today, I finished a kit I bought last year.
The kit is "Luc" from Bagsmith and since it's a toy and my nephew is named Lucas, I couldn't not purchase it. All that's left is finding the glue to glue on the head. But it's sooo cute.

I have another one for my neice, that I'll have to start. It will be a birthday present for her.

Other than that, lots of cleaning and cooking going on here. I made BBQ beef today, which was fabulouse and corn souffle, which was also fantastic.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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