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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just keep knitting

And the knitting continues...
First, I finished the mittens for my neice for her birthday. They are flip top mittens, so all I need is buttons.
I had enough yarn left over to make a hat, so it's just a simple little hat with a rolled brim. I put in some eyelet holes so I can threada ribbon through it and tie a little bow. I think she'll look so cute in it. Hopefully the colors will work for her and she'll consent to wear it.

After finishing that, I had to cast on a new project and while loooking at patterns favorited by friends, I found the perfect pattern for some Organics wool I bought at Maryland sheep and wool in 2008.
It's the Grey Goose pattern. You must have a ravelry account to view the pattern. But I loved and still love the color of this yarn and I'm liking it a lot in this pattern. Hurrah!
Other than that, I've been taking it easy and relaxing this weekend. It's finally turned cold, so I think it might be another soup weekend next weekend. Hmmm. I think Beef Noodle or Minestrone might be in order.


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