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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Still not dead yet...

So, I've been working like 60- 70 hours a week for the past two months, but help arrives on Monday in the form of another HR manager and an HR Senior. Hurrah!!!! So, maybe I'll have time to actually knit or have a life. What a concept!?! In an attempt to do something other than work and recover from working, I got up early this morning and went for a walk. It was a little overcast when I set out, but I thought, definitely not overcast enough to rain...famous last thoughts. Mile 1 was fine and then the heavens opened up and I was throroughly soaked before I made it home. Stepped right into the shower.

Inthe meantime, this is all the progress I've made on the Surplice sweater.
The body pieces are all seamed and 1 sleeve is attached. Still need to put on the other sleeve and then seam down the sides, but I will (provided it actually fits) be wearing it at Stitches midwest. Hurrah!!!

I find myself having a knitting dilemna. I've tried to start other projects, but nothing is holding my interest and/or I make some huge error and end up ripping the whole thing 5 inches of a cabled scarf on wednesday night. I'm looking for my next inspiration. Maybe I'll start on the sock monkey for my nephew Eli, only I'm not sure I have the right yarn. Hmmm. Will have to go stash diving before my flight on Wednesday.

Other than that, I'm going on a long weekend mini-vacation next week. Going to visit Beth, and Beth's new House and our annual trip to see Jimmy Buffett. And Candace is going to be there big hurrah! I haven't seen her in ages. And most importantly...I'm going to turn the blinking light off on my blackberry, so I don't know when I'm getting new messages and I'm going to disconnect. I'd turn off the blackberry, but it's my only phone, so that's not really an option.

Hopefully in a few weeks after our new staff get up to speed, I'll be able to have a life again and resume blogging.


  • At 7:36 PM, Anonymous Jenn said…

    I'm glad you are still alive...I was starting to worry! Have a great time at Jimmy - I wish I could make it to see you guys.

    Stitches isn't all that far away...I can't wait!


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