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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sure signs of fall...

Cooler days...
Darker mornings...
My bi-annual closet cleaning...Yep. Kitchen is still a mess, but the closet has been cleaned out. I always go through the previous seasons clothes. Get rid of anything really worn. Separate out clothes that either no longer fit or that I haven't worn to give to goodwill. Ahhh. I feel better now. It officially feels like fall now.

Still working on my second spindle full of singles. I hope to be able to ply tomorrow. The special projects are still coming along as well.

Went to see Burn After Reading tonight. I had not heard great things about it, but I think it was hysterical. It's dark. Very dark. After that, my brother and I went to for steaks and they screwed them both up, so we got free meals. Yeah!!! All we paid for was the beers from the bar we had while waiting to be seated. We're cheap dates. :-)


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