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Sunday, August 31, 2008

There has been...

Spinning!!! My first product. Plied and fairly good balance.
It's about 65 yards of what will probably be a light worsted weight yarn/heavy DK weight. I'm hoping to get enough out of the 4oz to make a scarf. I think I'll call it Electric Blue. Yeah! More of it already on the spindle. I did an Andean Ply on it. Did not realize how much I had packed onto the spindle. It took forever to wind it off onto my hand. Great way to ply the yarn though.

There has also been knitting. Here's an updated picture of the Cozy Shawl in Kauni

Now that I more of the gradiation, I'm really loving the way it looks. This is a little more than 3 ft of the shawl. Now, I only hope that the yarn softens when I wash to block...

I also started a new project (heaven knows I couldn't pick up one of the 12 UFOs lying around my family room...). It's a secret project...

...but those on Ravelry can get more information...and no, it's not a sock. The yarn is Regia Fingering weight. It's in one of the new fall Kaffe Fassett Colorways. So far liking it a lot.

I went to see Mama Mia the sing-a-long version last night. It was hilarious. It's even funnier when half the audience is singing along. The other half was too embarrassed or laughing too hard. Unfortunately, after seeing it last night, I woke up to "Waterloo" and haven't been able to get it out of my mind all day long. Yes, if you're counting, that's the third time I've seen Mama Mia at the theatre and I'd go to see it again.


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