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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So, I'm headed to St. Louis this weekend. Yippee!! Someone asked me today if I was going to relax over the weekend and I think that's a relative term... I'm going to hang out with my sister, play games with my neice, hang out with friends, get my hair done, go to dinner with family. I've packed a lot into the weekend, so relaxing, not so much the word I would use.. On the other hand, it will be so good to spend time with my family and friends, which should recharge me and prepare me for the month of June which will be insane.

I got some special stuff for my niece. I don't think I could spend 4 days playing Cootie, so I took steps to remedy that. :-) We should have fun.

On another note, have any of you seen any of the Smart cars?? These things look so goofy tooling down the road along with the rest of the cars. I saw my first one today on the highway going home and they look so strange.


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