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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I spent most of the weekend knitting on a new project. Finished it too. I took the concept from someone else's pattern, but, of course!, had to reverse engineer it because that's just who I am. There were a few false starts and lots of frogging, but I do like the way it turned out in the end. The pictures will be up after I deliver the project to it's intended recipient next weekend.

I'm going home to St. Louis next weekend. I can't wait. I unloaded my present bag...yes, I buy things for my neice whenever I find them and just stick them in a bag in my spare room. Ummm...yes, I spoil her... There's also a special something for my sister as well. So I've already got that in my suitcase along with most everything else that I'll need. Just need to stick in makeup and stuff now. I'm ahead of the game...of course, I have no idea how the weeks going to turn out, so it's a precaution... Now, I just need to decide what knitting to bring with me....


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