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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Progress and Growth

Look what I picked back up...
Yep, it's the Nashua Surplice top and I've finished the first of the two bottom halves. There might actually be progress on this and god forbid, I actually finish it. :-)

In other news, my brother and SIL gave me a tomato & basil growing kit for Easter.

And look!!!! We have tiny little tomato plants!!! It said to start the tomatoes first and then spread around the basil seeds. I think I might transport some of these into another pot and then plant basil in both. Let's see if I can keep them alive now...

In other news, I've been cleaning my house for Carmen's visit next weekend. I took Friday off to hang out with her and then I took Monday off to recover from the weekend...and more than likely spend time with my new yarn from Maryland Sheep and Wool festival...

Two big events next week...Carmen's visit and the person we've hired to help us at work is finally starting on May 1st!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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