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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New Knitting projects

So, instead of finishing any of the many projects I have currently going, I started 3 new ones...

First is the Too Many RPMs sock. I wanted some texture for this wonderful Koigu yarn, so I thought, I'll do Aija's RPM sock from Knitty awhile ago. Unfortunately, I was traveling and I didn't have the pattern, so I decided to do a 3x3 traveling rib...
...which while I love the way it looks and think it works well, really isn't the RPM pattern. There should be more Stockinette between the purl parts for it to be the RPM, so I'm calling it the Too Many RPM sock.

I also started another one of the Child's Placket Neck Sweater from Last Minute Knitted gifts for a co-worker having a baby.

I, unfotunately, didn't look at the pattern before I left and didn't realize I was going to need DPNs so earlky, so I had to stop when I got to the arms.

I also started another baby hat for another co-worker having twins. This is for the girl baby and I'll make something else for the boy.

This is the Garter Lace baby hat from the Summer 2004 Interweave. I'm using some of the leftover Sandnes Garnes Manadarin yarn I used for my neice's striped cardigan. I love this pattern. You make the lace and then pick up stitches and knit up and then just seam the lace. It looks so cute on babies.


  • At 9:55 PM, Blogger Jo said…

    That is too cute. Everybody at my office keeps spawning and I gave up knitting for all of them because I just can't keep up. I wish I could, though, because there appears to be a Pretty Baby Gene Pool at my office.


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