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Saturday, October 06, 2007

So, I went to the outlet mall not too far from my house today to buy some chairs for my kitchen table. Pottery Barn was having a 40% off sale...verdict is that it's still too rich for my blood and not exactly what I was looking, instead, I ended up with:

A sweater for me
A Halloween present for my sister
2 Christmas gifts
2 Toys - one for my neice and one for my nephew
A purse (hurrah! been looking for one for 2 months now)
2 t-shirts - one for my neice and one for my nephew
1 pair of shoes

I didn't even make it through all the stores in the outlet mall. Carrying 7 bags at that point was more than I could handle. Whew!

So, no knitting got done. I came home and napped and then cleaned my kitchen.


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