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Saturday, September 29, 2007

UFO Saturday

I finally got around to working on my spare bedroom today. I made the bed. Hung a picture(more to come) and put my yarn into some sort of order. I also found my swift which had been MIA since the move. Let me tell you, going through that yarn got me itching to start a new project. I looked though so much of it and it was so hard not to start several mor projects, so I consoled myself by pulling the Lady Eleanor shawl out of hiding...
and the Vintage Velvet scarf too.
Now that it's finally getting cool I can even think about knitting wool. I also gave in and pulled out the Brooks Farm Duet for a Clapotis, but I'm not going to start it until I finish my neice's cardigan, so instead of hauling the last 9 boxes to the dumpster this evening, I knit half of sleeve one of Lindsay's Cardigan.
So far so good, except I'm still afraid I'm going to run out of yarn. Tomorrow I'm going to work and then going to my brother's house. Ughhh to the first and Yeah to the second.


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