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Saturday, September 15, 2007

I had all these great plans for knitting today and I didn't knit a stitch. What did I do you ask? I ran errands this morning, did laundry and I finished unpacking. Yep. All the boxes are officially unpacked. The books are on the shelves. Stuff has been put in the storage closet. I'm not saying everything is in it's place and I don't need to haul a million boxes to the dumpster, but the boxes are empty and broken down. I still need to put all my pictures on the wall, as well.

I did something else momentous today. I actually installed a wireless router in my apartment. Hurrah!!!! Yeah me, because I'm not a technologically advanced person when it comes to the hardware part. so, no more wires dragging accross the floor. Everything is nice and neat. Yeah!!!

Tomorrow I have some work to do and then I'm going to wine fest with my brother and I'll probably work some more on trying to get more things put into place in the apartment. I already see things I need to buy. A second end table. A light for the cornerbecause it's a little dark. I think it will look good soon.

I almost forgot the best part of the day. When I came home from shopping there was a fed ex saturday delivery sitting by my front door. It was cards from my co-workers in KC and gift card wishing me well. How wonderful was that??? I got all teary. I love where I work.


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