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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

You'd think I haven't been knitting, but I'm just knitting on things you've already seen...the feather and fan shawl, the blue socks, the watermelon socks. Good progress on all, but nothing like the excitement of finishing Bombshell.

I must admit, I've been sucked into reality tv this summer. The Flavor of Love, which is my guilty pleasure. I can't help but laugh. Rockstar Supernova. Really sad Ryan's gone. He made so much progress, but I think he's not right for the band and he'd make a better solo artist. I'm sad that he's gone because I have to endure more of Storm's banter with the band and I'm really over Dilana at this point. From the looks of Jason Newstead during her performance, he's over Dilana as well. I'm kind of more into Toby as being the right guy to front the band. He has that frat boy kind of thing that would go with the band. My one observation, on any other reality show, if you hurt, slap, injure another person, whether intentional or not, you'd be off the show. Not cool at all.

Countdown to Vegas is 14 days!!!

I'm going home to St. Louis this weekend for a long weekend. Taking Friday off. I need a break. I'm starting to get pissy about everything, so I need a break. Probably not a lot of blogging until Monday. I will tell you though, it's 11pm, and I'm leaving after work and all I've packed so yarn...

I'm also addicted to Project Runway and I've got to tell you thank GOD!! Angela is gone. Angela is gone. Her little rosettes might have been the perfect button on a jacket, but week after week after week after week of those stupid rosettes. UGHHH!!!! I'm glad Kayne is still there. He's my humor every week. I would like to slap Jeffrey upside the head though. Being mean to someone's mother is crappy in my book, continuing to harp on it is even worse, even if she was Angela's mother.


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