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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fabulous Christmas Gifts

I celebrated christmas with my brother, his wife and my nephew this afternoon. My 6 month old nephew was a hoot. He'd tear a strip of wrapping paper off the gift and promptly try to jam it into his mouth. He was so cute. He loved his gifts, even if he didn't really understand what was going on.

I got several fabulous gifts includin...
...a le crueset stock pot. Love, love, love this. I never need to have a wedding you know. I have almost everything you could ever need for the kitchen.

I also got one of the most fabulous comfort items in the world...

Pink Fuzzy slippers. They are so soft and are currently on my feet as I type. They are my favorite thing in the world. I come home from work, take off my uncomfortable work heels and put on my pink fuzzy slippers. Ahhhhh! They're a replacement for my old pair that are getting very worn through on the bottom.

I also got the christmas classic cartoons. The deluxe set of all of them. Yippeee!!

Now, I just need to survive the next 5 days at work and then I'm headed to St. Louis.


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