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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've seen it was snowing indoors today. I work adjacent to this ritzy mall and we went over to grab lunch from the food court and we heard this weird noise...and the next thing we knew it was snowing inside the mall. Yep. snowing. It kind of evaporated by the time it hit the bottom level and they had "wet floor" signs all over the place and it's a good thing. It was both magical and freaky.

I'm still working on the mohair beret. It's taking forever. It's like knitting 2 hats by the time you knit it out and then knit it back in. I have 4 more rows of ribbing at the brim and it's done. Yippee. Then it's onto Odessa and then...blissfully, I'll be finished.

I can't wait for the weekend!!! Tomorrow's friday, right???


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