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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Home again in DC. Had a great time in St. Louis. Great time with the family. No trip would be complete without a yarn purchase. I bought some Smooshy in Ruby River.
It's true love I tell you. Love this color.

While I was home, there was knitting. I got to start the dropped stitches on the Clapotis. I finished my neice's x-mas socks (but forgot to take a picture). I started a new x-mas project and started the second of the purple striped socks.

Other than that, have to go to work tomorrow. It's a very busy week. Knitting tomorrow. Work Happy Hour thurs. Cookie baking for cookie exchange Friday night. Work Holiday party (requiring cocktail dress) Saturday. Cookie Exchange Sunday. I might be glad to go to work next Monday just to get a break.


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